Thread: category of Math signs???

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    category of Math signs???

    what category do mathmatical signs fall under?

    I'm very new to C++, i'm trying to make a calculator. How do you get it to read math signs as input like intergers??

    enter first value:

    enter math opperation:

    **If "+" do this
    if "-" do this

    enter second value:


    ** What code will get it to take that as input?

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    use a variable of type char to hold the math sign and then a switch statement to evaluate and do:

    int var1
    int var2
    char sign
    cout << enter value for var1
    cin >> var1
    cout << enter sign
    cin >> sign
    cout << enter value for var2

    cout << var1 + var2
    cout << var1 * var2

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    you have to convert string to integers. use atoi char to int and itoa int to char. for if statements its done like this

    if(character == '+') { do this;} else {do that;}
    "+" is not the same as '+'

    use cout to put stuff on screen e.g.

    cout << "hello world";

    use cin to get user input e.g.

    char f[3];
    cin >> f;

    don't forget to put this line at the top;

    #include "iostream.h"

    that is for cout and cin

    #include "stdlib.h"

    that is for itoa and atoi.

    Hope that helps!

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