Thread: Help open wave file in Borland C++ plz

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    Unhappy Help open wave file in Borland C++ plz

    Hi again.. Lasttime I open by VC++ but use wizard to do it.

    My friend needs me to do in Borland C++ (text mode) and write back the amplitude / sample rate etc. in text file for using for another function.. I'm not good know in the format of wave file.

    I understand that wave file have 2 part which first part contain format of wave the another part contain data .. am i correct?

    So if i want to read wave. Can i use fostream open them and get the wave format like using same as read string?.. I'm not sure about this one (sorry i'm newbies c++) Plz help me or recommend where should i have to read about this (I mean about writing c++ open wave file) ... ..

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    So what part of the previous answer are you having trouble with?

    File formats don't give a damn about which compiler or OS you're using.
    Once you understand that a file is simply an array of unsigned chars, you simply access the bytes you need (read the documentation for the file format), and you process them in whatever manner you want.
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