Thread: How to change compiler in devC++?

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    How to change compiler in devC++?

    I've tried using this bloodshed devC++ and man what a pain it is to use, though it has some nice features, the compiler is anything but user friendly...I have another compiler called jens file editor, and whenever there is a problem during compiling , JFE usually does a better job of telling me where the error is..
    So my question is can i change or modify the devC++ so it can be easier to use, plus sometimes the output windows just won't come out,although the file will compile ...
    Plus how come the same source file will compile in JFE but won't compile in dev-C++??
    Or is there any tutorial anywhere that can help me better understand dev-c++??

    Thanks everybody: There is nothing more frustrating then to have a good looking code that won't compile!!

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    Dev-C++ uses the MinGW port of GCC, so chances are if your code wont compile, you could be using non-standard code that works on only some compilers.

    I've never actually tried changing the compiler, but I think that Tools -> Compiler options should be a start.

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