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    Question Random # everytime (my code)

    I thought of a new and easy(i think) way to come up with random numbers everytime you call a function. This seems just to easy I was wondering if anyone could find a flaw of some sort with the code:

         int Random(int min, int max){
            int *number = new int( (rand() % max) + min);
            int final = *number;
            delete number;
            return final;
    I'm sorry if this has been posted I made a quick search and found nothing.
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    Your function does nothing special. There's no reason to use dynamic memory allocation there. Just seed the random number generator using the time once at the beginning of the program and call rand() as many times as you need.

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    It should be rand() % (max - min + 1), otherwise you (might) break the upper limit. And as pointed out your dynamic allocation is not neccessary. This one is also more bulletproof in case someone enters a max that is less than min.
    int Random(int Min, int Max)
      return (Max >= Min) ? ((rand() % (Max - Min + 1)) + Min) : 0;

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