Thread: A good exercises book for C++

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    A good exercises book for C++


    I am looking for a C++ programming "workbook"

    I have learned some basic C++ OOP such as classes, inheritance,
    polymorphism, virtual functions, encapsulation and all those la-la
    terms... bascially from Bruce Eckel's and the Sams 21 days books.

    I have done some programming for classes (like inheriting classes, using protected, a little bit of templates) but I want to get sharpen my on-the-terminal programming skills.

    Would there be a good exercise book/ online material that would through these exercises improve my programming skills ... I mean, I know IN THEORY that virtual destructors are necessary in case of dynamic object destruction (i.e. to destroy inherited objects (with pointers) that have been created at run-time) but I haven't *really* programmed that kind of stuff. Maybe just reproduced on my screen the code from a book.

    Would appreciate any suggestions from you guys on a "workbook" that would start from the very basics like create a class .. then give instances of where the protected keyword is most suited ...then delve into better aspects of polymorphism, some good examples on virtual functions --- WHAT i need now is hands-on programming with some independant thought, not reading and writing the code that is given in a book.

    thanks in advance for your suggestions


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    Come up with your own ideas. Put those ideas into designs and implementions.


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    I don't know how good this one is, but..
    C++ In the Lab
    ....providing a series of hands-on lab assignments designed to reinforce studentsí understanding of lecture material. (scroll down until you find it)
    source: compsci textbooks,, world wide web, common sense

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