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    Question FF8 Cardgame Deck class

    I am writing code for a remake of the Final Fantasy 8 Triple Triad card game. I am having troubles writing the deck class, figuring out the interlaced logic of streaming the deck into the hand from a file. I need to be able to have the cards be exchanged from player to player after one player wins the game. The cards must go onto the bottom of that players deck, which of course is done with a que. I also need to have a way to compare the cards so that the program knows which number is higher on that side of the card. I have a file with the info as is:

    Monster A
    2 3 4 5

    Monster B
    1 1 1 3

    with the card info as is:
    Left-2 or 1
    Up-3 or 1
    Right-4 or 1
    Bottom-5 or 3

    For an explanation of the rules of the game, go here:

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    Without seeing what you have written so far, it is impossible to really help. Post your code so far and a specific question.

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    and to mention something it something other than FF8 if you dont want to get sued for copyright infringement.

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