Thread: Please Help me Analyze Wave ..

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    Unhappy Please Help me Analyze Wave ..

    I got a problem with wave. I'm using Borland C++. First of all I already wrote function load wave file and can read header file.
    but I just want to know how to read amplitude value and pitch value from wave file... anyone know please help... T_T really got trouble with that..

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    Have you visited say wotsit to get the specifications for the file format you're interested in.
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    Okay I'm going to check that now.. But about specification for file format I'm doing with window wave file with out er'' compression i mean. so just window wave file (.wav) I hope this will answer ur last thread.

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    AMPLITUDE - This is relatively easy... once you get your program to the point where you can read the "samples" from the wave file. Each sample actually represents the amplitude at a point in time. So, you just have to find the sample with the largest absolute value.

    PITCH - Rather difficult, unless the file is a simple waveform. If you're trying to analyze a sine wave, you can measure the time between zero-crossings to calculate the frequency/pitch. This might work with more complex waveforms like voice & music if you add a little "fuzzy logic" (i.e. to throw-out the obviously-wrong results.) The reason that this might work is that human-perceived pitch is related to the lowest frequency component of a complex waveform. And, the low frequency components generally have greater amplitude than the higher-frequency components. That is, low frequencies tend to dominate complex sounds.

    The better way is to use FFT (Fast Fourier Transforms) to determine the frequency components of the waveform. These frequencies should convert to pitch reasonably well. But, because pitch is a complex human perception, it may not work perfectly.

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