Thread: incorporating interfaces in my programs

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    incorporating interfaces in my programs

    hey, i'm decently fluent in c++ and am using a mac. but for some reason in all the books i read nothing was mentioned of incorporating my user interfaces with the program i wrote. i have no idea how to do this anyone got any good references? i mean like if i design an interface in photoshop how do i make my code incorporate with the gui. any help would be great.


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    and am using a mac.
    There's you're first problem. :P Only kidding.

    I'm sure Apple must have some equivalent to Microsoft's MSDN detailing application development for MacOS.

    And they do:

    I'm not sure what you mean by designing a gui in photoshop, you can't do that. But you could design a skin for your app in photoshop I guess.
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    well ya i guess thats what i mean by creating a skin in photoshop, anyway i guess i'll have to start learning cocoa. thx for the response


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