Thread: Typecasting a void* to a function pointer

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    Typecasting a void* to a function pointer

    Is there any way to do this?

    In a program I'm writing there is a class called "command", which is intended to be an element in a list of function calls; it is supposed to contain a pointer to a general function along with the arguments to be used. I want to use a void* for the function pointer variable, for generality and in order to use function arguments that haven't been defined when the command class compiles.

    However, when it's time to call the function, I can't seem to convert the void pointer to a function pointer. I've tried various ways of doing this; none of them work - I get a compiler error saying it can't do the conversion (both when I convert to the void* in the first place and in going back to the function pointer).

    I suspect from the errors I'm getting that typecasting function pointers is simply not allowed. If it's permissible and I'm just doing something wrong, though, or if you know another way to accomplish the same goal, any advice would be appreciated. I can post example code if necessary.

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    I've actually been using that site as a reference for some more basic function pointer stuff but didn't see anything directly related to typecasting. Does the callback/functor material actually address this issue? I didn't bother looking at it before. (It looks like it might...)

    Edit: It seems to have a solution of sorts but it's far too unwieldy for my purposes. I'm just going to ditch the void pointers and try a different approach.
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