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    Comparing string contents

    What I want is to be able to take the user input with cin and store it in a string. Then, by using a function, check to see if the string matches something.

    To clarify

    string input;
    cin >> input;
    Then I want to check to see if "input" matches another string, to give a conditional response. How would I set up that part? I tried creating other strings and placing if stements that compared them, but I think it said that it couldn't convert them into boolean statements.

    Sorry if I'm being too confusing. Thanks for any help you can give me.

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    Post all the code including the comparison code.


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    std::string comparison uses ==, e.g.

    std::string str1;
    std::cin >> str1;
    std::string str2;
    std::cin >> str2;
    if(str1 == str2) {
      std::cout << "Strings match" << std::endl;
    } else { 
      std::cout << "Strings don't match" << std::endl;

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    Ok, the == was what I was missing. Thank you.

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