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    A Table Problem

    I have a problem with a data table please help.
    Problem: I have this 2 .dat files called LFILE & RFILE. LFILE contains some names in an M number of rows.
    RFILE contains numerical values that match the names in LFILE, also in M rows. I am to write a function to combine these 2 fileís data and write a new file called LRFILE to the disk. LRFILE must present the above names and matching values in a clean table (height -M rows). I wrote this code but it doesnít produce the correct result. Help!

    #include <iostream>
    #include <fstream>
    #include <string>
    #include <vector>
    using namespace std;
    void main()
              char* f1name = "LFILE.dat";
              char* f2name = "RFILE.dat";
              char* f3name = "LRFILE.dat";
             ifstream tfile1(f1name, std::ios::in );
             ifstream tfile2(f2name, std::ios::in );
             ofstream ofile(f3name, std::ios::out);
              vector <string> f1dat;
              vector <string> f2dat;
              char f1str[100];
              char f2str[100];
              // read
    	tfile1.getline(f1str,50, '-');
    	tfile2.getline(f2str,10, '.');
    	ofile.write(f1str, 50);
    	ofile.write(f2str, 10);
    example files-----

    John Williams (USA)-
    Darrell Pace (USA)-
    Tomi Poikolainen (Finland)-
    Darrell Pace (USA)-
    Jay Barrs (USA)Sťbastien Flute (France)-
    Justin Huish (USA)-
    Simon Fairweather (Australia)-
    Doreen Wilber (USA)-
    Luann Ryon (USA)-
    Keto Lossaberidze (USSR)-
    Seo Hyang-soon (South Korea)-
    Kim Soo-nyung (South Korea)-
    Cho Youn-jeong (South Korea)-
    Kim Kyung-wook (South Korea)-
    Yun Mi-Jin (South Korea)-



    These 2 files must combined into a single file as a table.
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    Consider that the first line of the file looks like this, if you stored the whole line in an array
    char line[] = "John Williams (USA)-\n";

    Given say tfile1.getline(f1str,50, '-');
    You have to figure out if the '-' left in the file, or is it read in from the file and stored in f1str?
    Whatever it does, you're going to have to do something with the - and newline characters.

    > tfile1.getline(f1str,50, '-');
    Also, you should say
    tfile1.getline(f1str,sizeof(f1str), '-');
    Lying to routines about the size of buffers is asking for trouble.

    > ofile.write(f2str, 10);
    You're writing the whole array, not just the part which contains useful data read from the file.

    Additionally, you'll want to output a newline
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    Think that the Ď-Ď character isnít a matter. Now my problem is that, as you said, Iím writing more than the useful part of the arrays. So some invalid chars also gonna be written to fill up the rest of the string. I canít find a way to filter out the valid part of the array and write it to the file. Also, how can I write both the name and the year in a single row? Because when I call write() twice for the name and the year, they are printed in 2 lines.
    **Thanks for your interest in this.

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