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    accessing structure issues

    Can anyone please show me whats going wrong here.

    I'm trying to access a structure from within another structure but am recieving errors.

    Structures are global and are as follows:
    struct StockItem
        int code;
        char desc[20];
        float price;
    struct BillLine
        StockItem stock;
        float weight;
        float cost;
    The 'stock' array is already populated.
    My code is as follows:
    BillLine bill_item(void)
        BillLine bill;
        int item;
        cout << "Enter item number purchased: ";
        cin >> item;
        item -= 1;
    /*line 213*/    bill.stock = stock[item];
        cout << "Weight: ";
        cin >> bill.weight;
        bill.cost = stock[item].price * bill.weight;
        return (bill);
    void print_bill ( BillLine bill_line[50], int num_bill_items )
        for (int i=0; i<num_bill_items; ++i)
    /*line 240*/        cout << "Name = " << bill_line[i].stock.desc << endl;
            cout << "Weight = " << bill_line[i].weight << endl;
            cout << "Cost = " << bill_line[i].cost << endl;
    MY compile log is as follows:

    Compiler: Default compiler
    Executing g++.exe...
    g++.exe "C:\Ged\code\assignment\best.cpp" -o "C:\Ged\code\assignment\best.exe" -g3 -O0 -g3 -I"C:\Ged\Dev-Cpp\include\c++" -I"C:\Ged\Dev-Cpp\include\c++\mingw32" -I"C:\Ged\Dev-Cpp\include\c++\backward" -I"C:\Ged\Dev-Cpp\include" -L"C:\Ged\Dev-Cpp\lib"
    C:/Ged/code/assignment/best.cpp: In function `BillLine bill_item()':
    C:/Ged/code/assignment/best.cpp:213: incompatible types in assignment of `
    StockItem' to `StockItem[125]'

    C:/Ged/code/assignment/best.cpp: In function `void print_bill(BillLine*, int)':
    C:/Ged/code/assignment/best.cpp:240: request for member `desc' in `(bill_line +
    (+(i * 3508)))->BillLine::stock', which is of non-aggregate type `

    Execution terminated
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    How about annotating your code snippet with a few line numbers, specifically, the line numbers in the error messages.

    Or is this yet another case of someone writing too much code between compile attempts.
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    Hi Salem,

    I've commented in the 2 line numbers which are causing the problems.

    Its not a case of writing too much code. I'm writing one function at a time. The rest of the program works perfectly, its just the section I have posted that i'm having problems with.


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    Nevermind. All sorted now. Thanks.

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