Thread: Hey Guys... Sorry 4 the Great Inconvenience

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    Hey Guys... Sorry 4 the Great Inconvenience

    Hi there,

    Sorry for the Great Inconvenience... Yes I read ur expert comments on my programming style. I pursue programming because of my sheer aptitude. I am basically doing Electronics Engineering.. and hence not able to devote much time to Programmming.

    Please Suggest me how should I improve my programming style.
    It is not something that iam doing at regular basis.. I take up such ventures only once in 2-3 Months.. So I definitely love to receive some suggestions from C++ Experts...

    Regarding the Paintbrush Package...Sorry for the Indentation particularly in mygraph.h. It really brings shivers down my own spine when I see that in a text editor..

    The Package can be downloaded as:
    Just b Crazy abt Life and Programming.....

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    > Please Suggest me how should I improve my programming style.
    Already did so here
    But that went pretty much ignored, so now I recipricate.
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