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    Question RPG Game?

    Whats a good story line for a RPG Game?

    Your Help Is Appreciated.

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    A brand new idea...

    Medieval theme. Hero with a sword. A princess that needs to be rescued. 8 magical stones in 8 towers that needs to be collected. Skeletons, slimes and dragons as enemies... hmm, pretty neat, huh? Made it up all by myself

    Naah, just kidding...

    What about a future theme? The end of the world is near, only one man can save the planet... hmm, on a second thought... NO!

    Prehistoric maybe? Your village has been invaded by dinosaurs and almost everyone were eaten alive. You are one of the few who survived... gotta fight back... or something.... well, perhaps that won't work either. And there are about 65 million years between man and dinosaur

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    > Whats a good story line for a RPG Game?
    It centre's on castle where the adventure player has to find the FAQ before the drawbridge will be lowered.

    "Aw man, this game is too tough"
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