Thread: How many strings in a file?

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    How many strings in a file?

    Is there any way to determine how many separate strings are in a file? I know that using ifstream to open a file for reading, and using that name to output to a string you can output them one by one, but is there a function to count them?

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    It depends on what you consider to be a string. A text file is one big string, so you can be perfectly correct doing this:
    size_t strings_in_file ( ifstream& in )
      return 1;
    Of course, you would be assuming that the file is not empty. If you consider a string a sequence of characters ending with a newline, simply read lines from the file and increment a counter. The same goes with sequences of characters separated by whitespace except you can use the >> operator instead of reading a while line.
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    you will have to read the file in to work with it

    read in the chars to a pointer
    while (*ptr != '\0')
            if (*ptr == ' ')
        cout << "There are " << counter + 1 << " words\n";

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