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    Angry Initializing variables

    I set a letter

    char ch;
    Int r;

    and when I try to use them in an if-

    cin >> ch;
    if (ch==r)
    cout << "blah blah blah"<<endl

    every time I do this it gives me warning

    warning C4700: local variable 'r' used without having been initialized

    and the darn thing wont work, it just exits the program.

    What do I do?

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    give r a value, say 65 or 92 or whatever.

    int r = 65;
    if(ch == r)

    r = 92;
    if(ch == r)

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    > local variable 'r' used
    That's this line
    > if (ch==r)

    > without having been initialized
    That's this line
    > Int r;

    Quite simple really, there is no assignment TO r before you try and read FROM r
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    i hope you are using


    and not


    for one. (there is a difference).

    But your warning is because you never set the value 'r' to anything.

    You enter a character. Then you say if this character is equal to a value that I haven't even defined, output this.

    If you initialized the value of r like

    int r=0;

    Your warning would go away. The thing is, you would never see your cout << "blah" because any character you enter will never be zero.

    Examine this.

    int main ()

    char ch;
    char other='A'; // note you can combine 'like' instantiations

    cout << "Try to guess the letter: ";
    cin >> ch;

    if (ch==other)
    cout << "YOU GUESSED IT!";
    cout << "NOPE. TRY AGAIN!";

    return 0;

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