Thread: string, vector, etc, using codewarrior

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    string, vector, etc, using codewarrior

    my potentially (probably) very, very stupid question:

    my harddrive was recently wiped out, and so I had to reinstall codewarrior on my computer. previously, i had been using the string and vector files written by the college board for the ap class i took awhile ago, and now i don't have them anymore. i just want to know where i can find header files for the string, vector, matrix, and other such very useful and necessary libraries so i can start using those instead.

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    Read the FAQ. You can't download just the header files.
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    the last version of codewarrior on my computer had the standard libraries included in the project stationary, i just never used them, so i don't know where to look for them. i now have v8.0, so i was wondering if anyone knew what the header files were called/where they would be so i can include and use them. i've found vector and utility, but not string. sorry....thats what i meant.

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    I don't really understand your question, but <vector> along with other STL files is located in \MSL\MSL_C++\MSL_Common\Include
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