Thread: help on 1000 line project?

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    Question help on 1000 line project?

    i am currently going to start work on a project based on a hotel booking system which should keep track of the # of guests, bookings, rooms information. Im only new to c++, files so if yas had any useful code that would be based on this i would appreciate it !

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    Why would you want to program this?

    It would seem better suited for a database application. There are many that could be set up and working within minutes.

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    Closed. Please read the READ THIS FIRST thread on top, especially the sentence about people writing whole programs.

    Come back with a specific question, and you will get a helpful, specific answer. We don't do homework assignments for fun. If you want to write a program, you will have to learn how to do it. If at any time you have problems learning, we will help.

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