Thread: Compile time errors!

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    Compile time errors!

    There is this line of errors that come out whenever i compiled my program ,although the program still run, i am curious to find out what does this error line means??
    	$(CPP) -c "../../../../Documents and Settings/MelaOS/Desktop/TrialNeRror/JenisProdukListImp.cpp" -o "../../../../Documents and Settings/MelaOS/Desktop/TrialNeRror/JenisProdukListImp.o" $(CXXFLAGS)
    "../../../../Documents and Settings/MelaOS/Desktop/TrialNeRror/JenisPelangganImp.o": ../../../../Documents\ and\ Settings/MelaOS/Desktop/TrialNeRror/JenisPelangganImp.cpp
    	$(CPP) -c "../../../../Documents and Settings/MelaOS/Desktop/TrialNeRror/JenisPelangganImp.cpp" -o "../../../../Documents and Settings/MelaOS/Desktop/TrialNeRror/JenisPelangganImp.o" $(CXXFLAGS)
    n my JenisPelanggan file is below, is there something wrong with it somewhere?? I've separated the file below into a header and an implementation file...Please help!!

    #include <iostream>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <string> 
    #include <fstream>
    #include "JenisProduk.h"
    #include "JenisProdukList.h"
    using namespace std;
    class JenisPelanggan 
        void setPelangganInfo
              (string namaP,string kod,int bilP,JenisProdukList& inventori);
        //setkan nilai awal untuk data private melalui input pengguna
        void setKiraJumlah(float,float);
        //mengira jumlah pesanan dan jumlah harga untuk seseorang pelanggan
        string getNamaPelanggan();
        //memulangkan nama pelanggan untuk pelanggan tersebut
        void paparPelangganInfo();
        //memaparkan maklumat pelanggan seperti nama pelanggan dan
        //bilangan pesanan 
        JenisPelanggan(string =" ",float =0,float =0);
        string namaPelanggan;
        float jumPesanan;
        float jumHarga;
        JenisProdukList inventori;  
    void JenisPelanggan::setPelangganInfo
            (string namaP,string kod,int bilP,JenisProdukList& otherInventori)
       namaPelanggan = namaP;
       inventori = otherInventori;
    void JenisPelanggan::setKiraJumlah(float jPesanan,float jHarga)
       jumPesanan = jPesanan;
       jumHarga = jHarga;
    string JenisPelanggan::getNamaPelanggan()
    void JenisPelanggan::paparPelangganInfo()
      cout<<"Nama   Pelanggan: "<<namaPelanggan<<endl;
      cout<<"Jumlah Pesanan  : "<<jumPesanan<<endl;
      cout<<"Jumlah Harga    : "<<jumHarga<<endl;
    JenisPelanggan::JenisPelanggan(string namaP,float Jpesanan,float jHarga)
       namaPelanggan = namaP;
       jumPesanan = Jpesanan;
       jumHarga = jHarga;

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    Those error messages aren't descritive enough. What IDE/compiler are you using? I'm used to error messages containing the line number and type of error.

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    Follow up

    I'm using Dev-c++, and there's some more stuff on the compile log area about my implementation .cpp file over riding my same file name .o file, what does that all mean??

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    well, it might be better to post the whole compile log, or attach it in a file.

    Check for any spaces within your paths, Dev-C++ uses the MinGW port of GCC by default, and thus spaces may cause problems.

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