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    namespace help

    while using namespace std, many of the fstream functions seem to not work. yet it is essential for my program to include ios::nocreate and file.is_open(), any suggestions?
    btw i cant not use namespace std cuz i need strings in my program and arrays of chars are too complicated if it were to be used as a substitute. any help would be appreciated
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    It seems to me that you're stuck between old and new C++, and whether you should/shouldn't use namespaces.

    Can you post some code to show us what you're trying to do?
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    ios :: nocreate is not standard C++. You should be using ios :: in. I posted about the nocreate thing awhile ago. Instead of using namespace std; it's better if you use only specific things:

    #include <iostream> //Most likely needed
    #include <fstream>   //For I/O stream
    #include <string> //For strings
    using std :: cout; // Almost in all programs
    using std :: ofstream; //Ofstream
    using std :: ifstream; //Ifstream
    using std :: string; //Strings
    using std :: ios; //Ios :: in
    Ofcourse it's better to use it at the same time you use the thing, for example:

    std :: ofstream a_file("example.txt", std :: ios :: in);
    Hope this helps.

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