Thread: reading a txt file

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    reading a txt file

    I want to read in a table from a .txt file into a program. The table's columns are separated by a single space each. But the program can't read the indentations properly and the first digit in the first column is somehow attached to the string in the second column. How do I correct this? I used <fstream.h>

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    It would help if you showed us what code you have so far. We won't write the code for you, but if you show us your code, and where you think the problem is, we'd be glad to help you.
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    Please post a sample of the text file too.

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    don't use <fstream.h> - if your compiler knows what it is, use <fstream> if your compiler doesn't know what <fstream> is, it's time to get a new compiler...
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