Thread: Header Problems!!

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    Header Problems!!

    Well i've somehow gotten myself into deep waters here, the project that i've been working on for the few days now isn't functional!!
    Below in the attachment file is what i have worked on so far, can anyone please lend me a hand here?
    i'm using dev-c++ ,is it a compiler problem or am i not using the header feil correctly?
    and can i put the nodeType struct at the class header file like what i have done??

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    > the project that i've been working on for the few days now isn't functional!!
    You mean the project which you've been hacking and haven't compiled for the past few days no longer compiles.

    There's all sorts of missing include files, random syntax errors etc etc which would be dead easy to fix if you actually pressed compile a lot more often than you seem to.

    Put bluntly, if it used to compile, and you add 5 lines and it doesn't compile - guess where the likely problem is.

    In the 5 lines you've just added.

    Then it would be a lot easier to see how to fix the couple of errors which you get, instead of the 250+ which you now have.
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