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    Base Class Undefined

    I am working on a project, and am getting the base class undefined error. I have one class in one header, and another class in another header. The second class inherits from the first. I made a seperate project, and it worked fine. I have been looking for quite awhile now on how to fix this, and can't find anything that works. I have tried declaring the base class(ex: Class Unit before the inheriting one, and I am positive the includes are all there. Is there something about compiler options I should know to fix this? Is there a way to set the order in which things are compiled?

    Thnaks for any help,


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    Which compiler?
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    Re: Base Class Undefined

    Originally posted by Khelder
    I am working on a project, and am getting the base class undefined error.
    Because you are only exposing your child class to the declaration of the class instead of the definition.

    class A;
    class B : A {};
    is not enough information for inheritance. class B needs to know what class A is. If you are including the file with A's definition, then make sure that you don't have class A's file including class B's file (or class A's file includes a file which includes class B's file). If you do and the translation unit you are currently in includes file A before it includes file B and you have inclusion guards, then when class B gets compiled it will not have access to class A's definition. Hence you get a base class undefined error.

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    Ah cool. Thanks for clearing that up for me. Works now!


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