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    realloc problems

    I use realloc to find a new memory location assign it to a pointer and copy its old data to the new location. I get NULL. I tryed to use MessageBox and itoa functions to find out the new size in bytes witch is 24bytes. I don't know why it returns NULL. I used malloc previously to allocate a poniters starting memory. Here is the line that returns NULL;

    Lines.lpLines =(char **)realloc(Lines.lpLines, sizeof(char **) * Lines.max );

    Anyone know what the problem could be?

    Thanx in advance!

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    Any prior use of malloc/realloc/free could have messed things up
    Any prior use of the memory returned by malloc/realloc could have messed things up here

    Look for
    - use before alloc
    - use after free
    - generally getting the size wrong - int *ptr = malloc(10) does NOT allocate space for 10 integers.

    Also, your code has the realloc assignment bug
    char **temp = (char **)realloc(Lines.lpLines, sizeof(char **) * Lines.max );
    if ( temp != NULL ) {
        Lines.lpLines = temp;
    } else {
        // cannot realloc
        // but at least Lines.lpLines points to what we have so far
    Use a temp pointer to preserve the old pointer, until you know the new one is allocated.

    You really should be using new and delete in C++.
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    Thanx. I got it to work properly using new and delete.

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