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    12 minute timer

    erk... ok.... well I really have no comprehension of time functions in c++

    Could someone point me towards or write an example code?


    A clock that starts at 0:00 and goes to 23:99 and then loops

    30 secs between 0:00 and 1:00 etc

    Major help


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    Take a look at the time functions in the header <ctime> (or the C library header <time.h>). Using the functions available in that header, the program you need to write should be pretty straight forward. Have a go, and if you get stuck post your code here for help.

    p.s. Do you mean 23:59?

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    I would start with two ints: one to count minutes and one to count seconds.

    every second, increase the seconds and do the following:
    if (seconds > 59)
    reset seconds
    increment minutes
    increment seconds

    I'll leave it up to you to use the right timing functions... try starting here:
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