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    I would like some tips for debuging. I am testing my dll and I get an error. I see the disassembly window and I don't understand what all the words mean. I want to goto the line in my code of where the error had accured. Anyone know how to goto the line of code where the error had accured?

    Thanx in advance!

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    Which OS/compiler/IDE are you using?
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    Iam using MSVC++ on winXp

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    insert some break point where you think the error happens, and hit F5.
    debugging will start.
    use F10 and F11 to step in/over

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    I always find the windows message boxes helpful when debugging code. If you could insert a few of them in your code and recompile your dll, and output the variable contents which you think maybe giving you problems, then that might help.
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    Thanx everyone I found out where my problem is.

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