Thread: Dynamic array sizing causes crash

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    Dynamic array sizing causes crash

    I'm trying to allocate memory to my array but I get a crash.

    int *cellWidth;
    int cols = 50;

    That's a pretty trimmed up version of my source, only the relevant lines out of it.

    Anways I get a crash on XP pro, I gather it's a simple problem I tend to crash my programs with these memory things all the time but never really understood half of them except for the ones that go out of array bounds.

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    int *cellWidth;
    int cols = 50;
    cellWidth = new int[cols];

    (brackets or parenthesis, i forget, but that hsould be right. unless im missing something)

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    The first is really something in C (though, C++ has it as well), the second C++. I think your crash is elsewhere.
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    *smacks head* thanks Zach, I did exactly the same thing with my 2d array I was setting the variable before I had sized it which was causing the crash.

    Cheers to you also revelation!

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