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    File I/O

    Hi, I am new to c++, though I have practised it for a few months, but that's about 6 months ago now. I've dicided to take another shot at it

    I'm working on a tiny program now, it's quite useless and just to learn. Anyway, I want this program to allow the user to input information, and then store this information into a .txt file. The problem is that I can't figure out how to let the program find this stored information after it(the program) has been closed.

    Maybe someone can shortly explain this to me; Or just give me a link to a website that explains File I/O in more detail than the tutorial of does.

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    Long time ago, I found this site to be really useful. It includes tutorials and an almost complete reference of the standard libraries.

    Here's the list of tutorials. A link to the file i/o part is near the bottom.

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    Thanks for the links! Just what I was looking for!

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    Post Note:

    Just a note. I wouldn't recommend the tutorial on this site. It hasn't been updated in a while. It uses things that are not up to the standard (I.E. #include <iostream.h> and ios :: nocreate which is a non-standard I/O stream thing). Also, it will at times quiz you on something you had not learned (Note the first quiz: Which is not a variable type? You had to guess if it was double or real, they had not been mentioned). But remember, just my advice. I learned a lot from it, but regreted learning non-standard habits. You should get a good book if you want a good understanding of C++, that is to the standard...

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