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    cctype functions

    I'm rather new at C/C++ and I'm having trouble understanding how these things work. I'm reading a tutorial on them but I don't understand the return values that I'm getting. Let's use the isdigit() function as an example, the tutorial says:
    The isdigit() function returns non-zero for true and zero for false. If the parameter is not in the domain of the function, the return result is undefined.
    Now suppose that I use the following code:
     int var_one = 1;
     bool var_two = isdigit(var_one);
     cout << var_two << endl;
    The program will output a 0 for false, but var_one is a digit. What am I missing here?

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    Is false

    is true

    It's for testing characters which you might type in at the keyboard, or read from a text file.

    Eg, if you ask the user to enter a number, and they enter "abc", you can use isdigit() to verify the data entry.
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    Thanks, I see where I was going wrong now -- expected the 1 to be evaluated as an an integer and not as a character :P

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