Thread: How many of you actually work with C++?

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    How many of you actually work with C++?

    I know many people use C++ for University, but I'm curious how many people here use it as your primary language at work. What sort of applications do you work on that use C++? Windows application? Console applications? Banking software, etc...

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    Mostly C

    Most of our products have an embeded microprocessor or microcontroller which runs programs written in C. These are neither console or Windows applications. There is no keyboard or terminal, and no operating system... just a single special-purpose program running continuously.

    We production-test these products with programs running on a pc. Most of our test programs are written in command-line Basic. We have a few command-line C test programs and a few Visual Basic test programs.

    I play-around with C++ Windows programing at home. (I'm an electronics engineer and I only program at work occasionally.)

    I believe that C/C++ are the most widely used languages in industry.

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    I use C++ almost exclusively at work. I am currently working on both a Windows application (with GUI) and a client/server application that uses a database to store data. Windows GUI, client/server communication, database communication, and all other application logic are currently implemented through C++.

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    C and C++

    for MS OS's

    To display data from our hardware devices. We analyse digital images for train safety systems.
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