Thread: Drawing in C++ AGAIN, PLEASE READ

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    Question Drawing in C++ AGAIN, PLEASE READ

    someone posted earlier about drawing a line, i was trying to do this in c++ and i used the function "line()" from the library "graphics.h" but now i have the same question of that other guy, cos it gave me an error like this one "BGI not supported under windows", whats wrong? i read what you c++ guru´s wrote in the other topic, but it didnt help me much.So, how do i draw a line in c++ Borland 5.02? should i use a earlier version or what??

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    I do not know, but are you compiling your code to run under DOS? To use graphics.h I must use Turbo C++ (or TcLite, never know the right name).
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    So which operating system do you have?

    All I can make out is some impression that you have a DOS compiler and a windows operating system.

    Once you step away from the basic "hello world" kind of application, your ability to mix and match compilers, graphics libraries and operating systems goes down rapidly.

    For example, I might suggest you look at dev-c++, and use the package manager (once you've installed the compiler) to download libsdl
    It might take a bit more learning, but you'll have a much more capable graphics library than BGI, and you'll have a much more modern (and compliant) C++ compiler as well.
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    Or get DJGPP - I believe that it currently will work on Windows XP, but I'm not positive.

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