Thread: Before I start windows programming

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    Before I start windows programming

    Before I start windows programming, what things should I have a firm grasp on in c++?

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    my opinion is that you should probably stick with dos programming for a while. i'm also a beginner in programming, but i have seen some windows stuff, and i think you would need to know more about classes and data structures, stacks, heaps, trees, etc. Just becuase you have learned input/output if/else statements, loops, does not mean that there's nothing else you can do or learn in dos.

    but hey, if you really want to learn windows programming, then go for it, thats just my advice to you.

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    Actually if you want to use MFC and the given wizards you should know classes inheritance polymorphism virtual functions and of course POINTERS.

    if you know these you should be able to get started

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    Windows programming can be done from several different approaches. You could use the bare Windows API which is actually in C and doesn't use classes or inheritance (at least not in Petzold's book which just about everybody says is the gold stantdard) (although I do have a reference to a pretty reasonable Windows API tutorial that uses C++ using classes to encapsulate the various features of the basic API). You can also use an object library like MFC (the basis for VC++) or VCL (the basis for BCB) or you can use a language other than C/C++ to make Windows programs, like Visual Basic or Java.

    My point is you can start writing Windows programs at any time, with or with knowledge of classes, polymorphism or whatever. However, if you are going to use MFC or VCL to make your life easier, then you should have a good grasp of the object oriented features of C++.

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    guest is correct. While you are learning windows programming, learn more C++ at the same time. You have no use for all that polymorphism crap until you are making full featured applications/games. By then you will already know it if you are learning both at the same time. I, myself, have never needed to use everything about Object Oriented Programming. Structs are really it, not classes.

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    Can you post the link to the api tutorial that uses classes to encapsulate the windows api?

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