Thread: Infinite #define loop i can't find a way around

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    Infinite #define loop i can't find a way around

    I have the files console.h, cinput.h, and typedefs.h.

    Console contains the declaration for my console class, console_t.
    Cinput (console input) contains the declaration for the object i use to accept keyboard input to enter commands. right now, only console.h needs this file.

    Console.h needs to include cinput.h so it can have its own input object.

    Typedefs.h contains some externs for global variable access. it contains an extern'd console_t, so it needs to include console.h to know what a console_t is.

    Cinput.h needs to include typedefs.h so it can access the extern'd console_t, so it can add to it with it's input function. here's my problem.

    Console includes cinput, which includes typedefs, which includes console.

    All my head files are surrounded in
    #ifndef  FILENAME_H
    #define FILENAME_H
    and i figured that would help the problem, but i still get the errors:

    (6) \source\typedefs.h: In file included from source/typedefs.h
    (7) \source\cinput.h: from source/cinput.h
    (1) \source\cinput.cpp: from source/cinput.cpp
    (21) \source\console.h: syntax error before `;'

    if i don't include typedefs.h from cinput, i compile fine, but i'm unable to see the global console from there, which i want.

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    Seems like the thing to do is zip and attach all the files, edited to remove clutter which doesn't affect the problem.
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    the problem is including typedefs.h from cinput.h. there are no errors or problems with my code other than that.

    Ahhhhhhhhhh i'm sorry, the subject is supposed to be Infinite #include loop. not define.
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    How long is console.h (in lines)?
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    44 lines, 27 of them actual code.

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    Well, post a zip.

    Consider this -- never use a full definition (via #include) when a forward declaration will do instead.

    Some of this sounds like poor planning on your part at the beginning; I think you could probably have solved this problem without the need for global variables, etc., which form at least part of your problem.
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