Thread: asm keyword???

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    asm keyword???

    I have a vague idea of what the asm keyword is: some sort of method of adding assemby language to your code, but how the heck do you use it? Does anybody know any good tutorials for assembly langauge??? I may sound insane, but I am curious.

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    depends on the compiler your using and the syntax style AT&T or Intel ("I believe"). Check your compiler's documentation, try here
    or a search on google.
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    All you'll ever need to know about assembly, including tons and tons and tons of invaluable resources including but not limited to:

    • Intel Pentium CPU manuals (vol. 1-4)
    • MASM32, debugger, IDE, DOCs, and other tools
    • Tons of libraries for MASM32
    • RADAsm - IDE that supports NASM,MASM,TASM, and FASM
    • Link to buy the hardcopy of Art of Assembly
    • Links to support forums, source code, etc for assembly.
    • Book on programming in assembly in Windows

    I d/l everything off of this site except for the Linux stuff since I'm not running it and have no plans to.

    If you have any more questions you can also go to and d/l some more manuals. Intel is very open and reliable with their information sharing policies. Some say these books are of no use, but that only shows their ignorance on the matter - they are invaluable resources.

    Bookmark that page and get the stuff - some of that would take months to find by yourself on the internet.


    Oh and unless you like self-inflicted pain and self induced nausea and comatosis - avoid AT&T syntax like the plague - it just plain sucks.

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