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    Arrow very new to C++

    I have started doing some of the online tutorials and the question I have is . When I compile those simple beginner programs it brings a dos box up does what the program says to do the closes almost as quick as it opens . What gives with that ?
    I dont even get to see what it did .

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    1)you can add getch(); at the bottom of your program. now your program wil wait untill you press a key. (note: you have to put #include <conio.h> at the top of your file)

    2)you can add system("pause"); at the end of your program ( #include <stdlib.h> )

    3)if you are using MSVC++ you can use run (CTRL-F5)

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    Yes, but for msvc++, it is _getch(); . You must have the underscore. Also, when you start making longer programs, it won't happen, at least thats how it went for me.

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    getch() works for me, I've never used _getch()
    doesn't the '_' has something to do with unicode?

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    Thnakyou very much

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    If you press enter to submit some imformation does that cont for the getch()

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    >>When I compile those simple beginner programs it brings a dos box up <<

    It shouldn't bring up a DOS box what your actually seeing is a Win32 console.
    What's a matter you no like peppi?

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