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    DWORD or bool*

    I want to store 26 bits, one for each letter in the alphabet that I want to be true or false. I would store this in a boolean-array like this:

    bool alphabet[26];

    but I noticed that some functions (like GetLogicalDrives()) use a DWORD to store the 26 bits in. I'd say that for stuff like this a boolean-array would be way easier because you don't have to use any bit-comparison. So.. why is a DWORD used instead of a boolean-array, and should I use a DWORD for situations like this too?

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    If datasize and speed don't matter, i should use the array version. DWORD is probably faster.

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    I always do it the DWORD way, why use 26 bools when one int can do it?
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    Use a dword.

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    #define IsBitSet(val, bit) (((val) & (1 << (bit))) ? true : false)
    // or for type safety
    template<typename integer_t>
    inline bool IsBitSet(const integer_t &val, const size_t &bit)
        return (val & (1 << bit)) ? true : false;

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    Use a std::bitset.
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