Thread: Howto Print \0 to a File

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    Howto Print \0 to a File

    I have a requirement to pad out some data in a binary file with the null charactor '\0' added every second or thrid charactor. Try as I may I cannot prevent the app from ignoring the null charactor.

    I have tryed various castings and conversions without any luck.

    pseudo code below shows what I have right now.

    string data = "J\0O\0H\0N\0";
    ofstream File;"c:\\somefile.dat", ios_base::binary | ios_base::in | ios_base::out);
    file.write(data.c_str, sizeof data)

    Only the first char 'J' makes it to the file followed by some junk equal to the sizeof data - the first char.

    Many Thanks...


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    "put" will do what you want. However, as long as you give "write" the correct size, it should work also. Ie. Don't use "sizeof"
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    Boy that was a quick reply!

    I have not tryed put yet but write does not work and I can see it writes J@somejunk to the destination file with a hex editor.


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    The constructor has no way of knowing that the string is longer than the first binary 0 unless you tell it.

    string data("J\0O\0H\0N\0",8);
    ofstream File;"c:\\somefile.dat", ios_base::binary | ios_base::in | ios_base:out);
    file << data;

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