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    Unhappy I'm confused

    I've got the actual Borland C++ Builder 5. I bought it about a year ago. I'm a big time newbie. Could you tell me exactly what to do? Thanks for your help.

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    buy a primer book of some sort. Maybe even take a college course or something.Its pretty hard to learn c++ from bad online tuts.
    books have been discussed lots of times. Hit the search button and look for threads about books.That will give you something to go on. This site has some tuts ( not many) and links to others. Look for tuts in a search engine.
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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    I ment i was confused on how to link things together. I didn't mean to start a new thread. I'm reading one of the "Learn C++ in 21 Days" book, and its actually going pretty well. I'm just wondering how to link things together, cause i want to try the worm game (look under the source section of If you or someone could help me, i'd greatly appreciate it.

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