Thread: How to store an array in a file?

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    How to store an array in a file?

    Okay, I have a game with a structure that holds all the player information. I've figured out how to save and load the basic variable types, but I've run into trouble with an array I've added to the player structure. Here's the code I use to save:

    void CFightOMaticDlg::SaveGame()
    	CFile file(_T(m_sPlayer_Name), CFile::modeCreate|CFile::modeWrite);	
    	CArchive ar(&file , CArchive::store);
    	ar << m_sPlayer_Name << Player.m_iHealth << Player.m_iHealth_Max << Player.m_iGold << Player.m_iExperience
    		<< Player.m_iPlayer_Level << Player.m_iStrength << Player.m_iDefense << Player.m_sWeapon_Name << Player.m_iWeapon_Damage
    		<< Player.m_sArmor_Name << Player.m_iArmor_Damage << Player.m_iWeapon_Damage_Roll << Player.m_bPlayer_Can_Camp
    		<< Player.m_iaPlayer_Inventory_Last_Spot;
    And the code for loading is of course pretty much the same. The variable I need to store is called Player.m_iaPlayer_Inventory[]

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    A simple solution would be to output the number of items in the array and then output each element. That way when you are loading you will know how many elements to read right away.
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    I'm not sure what you mean by output,
    the elements in the array I want to save hold an int that is the id of an item structure.
    The variable Player.m_iaPlayer_Inventory_Last_Spot is an int that tells me the first empty spot in the array.
    The maximum elements that could be in the array is 11. I use this information to fill a ListBox in the rest of the program.
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