Thread: How to get to the d drive?

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    How to get to the d drive?

    Hello dudes,

    I have a small problem here. Suppose i have an test.exe file and i execute it on the c drive then i want to arrive on the d drive.
    So basically what the code has to do is just sth like "d:" in dos, can smb tell me how to do that?


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    Well here's a real clear question - errm, not! First, lets just check, what operating system are you using? Since you start with C: I'll assume you are using an MS operating system, but I can't say more...

    So you have an .exe on C: and you want to...

    >>> arrive on the d drive

    ... what exactly do you mean? You want to put a file there? - CopyFile(), you want to set your working directory there - SetCurrentDirectory(), you want to run an .exe from there? - CreateProcess(), etc... etc...
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    I just want to arrive on the d-drive.. so have the same effect as just typing d: in dos.
    Yup i'm on ms os..

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    which particular ms os??

    you cant "arrive" on the d: drive. Be more specific about the help you need exactly if you want an answer to your question.Do you just need to save a file on the d: drive? do you need to load a file from the d: drive? do you want a directory on the d: drive to be your current working directory? These are all different scenarios any of which could be applicable to your question. So please stop being a dolt and give us something to go on or you will just be ignored.
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