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    I also put the pseudo code on paper. Then I code my class interfaces first...making sure everything that I want to do could be done with these interfaces. Then I write the class implementations, and thn the driver program. I often find that my original class interfaces had many extra things in them that I really didn't need to accomplish the final goal.

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    I usually only plan out the bigger coding projects... here's how I worked out my battle system:

    1) I want to make a battle system
    2) I want the battle system to have:
              points system
    3) characters
              user-defined name/password
    4) stats
              HP,ATK,DEF,SPD. (hit points, attack, defense, speed)
    5) leveling
              based on a points system
              2^user's current level==points needed to level
              points gained after battle:
                   points=opponent's level-user's level
                   points*=(user's left over HP-user's beginning HP)
    6) points system
              points can be added to stats
              3 points for every level gained
    then I put it into a nifty outline and work my program from there... If I need it more detailed, I'll break it down into classes, like one to handle the battle & leveling, one to read & write out stats, one to deal with the points, etc.
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