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    Another Question

    An array has 5 numbers in it and another array has 5 strings in it. While keeping each array in order with the other. How would you organize them so that the numbers go from least to greatest in the array.

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    wouldn't this be easier to do with a two-dimensional array? like a table...

    EDIT: Nevermind. I don't really think so...

    I actually had a similar problem to this for an assignment earlier this semester. What I ended up doing was using a "work" array, and then copy the data into my work array in order, and then copy it back into the main array when I was done. You could do the same thing here. I know there's a way to do it without a temporary array, but I couldn't get it to work properly.
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    you probably want a single array with structs or classes in it which contain both the number and the string.
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    Ricochet's suggestion of using temporary variables is probably the simplest. You could do this one string, and one number-variable, but I think the easiest way would be to use two complete temporary arrays.

    - You haven't studied Structures, Classes, the Standard Template Library.
    - You can figure-out how to sort the "numbers".
    - You don't care about efficient use of memory (only 5 array-pairs).

    // ===== Psudo Code ====================
    // Given the following, sort by age:

    Name[1] == Bob
    Name[2] == George
    Name[3] == Sally

    Age[1] == 15 //Bob's Age
    Age[2] == 20 //George's Age
    Age[3] == 10 //Sally's Age

    // Make a new set of arrays sorted by age, like this:

    TempName[1] = Name[3] // Sally is youngest
    TempAge[1] = Age[3] // Sally's Age = 10

    TempName[2] = Name[1] // Bob
    TempAge[2] = Age[1] // Bob's Age = 15

    TempName[3] = Name[2] // George is oldest
    TempAge[3] = Age[2] // George's Age = 20

    // Now the temporay arrays are sorted...
    // Overwrite the original array:

    Name[1] = TempName[1] // Sally is youngest
    Name[2] = TempName[2] // Bob
    Name[3] = TempName[3] // George is oldest

    Age[1] = TempAge[1] // Sally's Age = 10
    Age[2] = TempAge[2] // Bob's Age = 15
    Age[3] = TempAge[3] // George's Age = 20
    // ===== Psudo Code ====================

    And, FYI:
    If you were using structures or classes, your variables might look something like this:
    Person[1].Name =Sally
    Person[1].Age = 10
    This keeps all of the related information together.

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    void cflArrange_intArray( int* array, int count)
        int temp = 0;
        int* temp_array = (int*)tsxCalloc( count, sizeof(int));
        for(int a=0; a != count; a++){
            int pos = 0;        
            temp = array[a];
            for(int b=0; b != count; b++){
                if( temp > array[b])
            temp_array[pos] = temp;    
        memcpy( array, temp_array, count*sizeof(int));
        tsxFree( (void*) temp_array);
    if any numbers are the same this probley will not work. easy to fix.
    ignore the tsxFree and tsxCalloc. switch then our for the normal memory functions

    btw-if yo ushow this to your teacher and their worth half their weight in mustard then they will ask you where you got it. if not copy away
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    In addition, if you haven't seen it already, there is another recent thread that could be of great help to you:

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