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    time of system

    hello .
    is there any function that returns the system time ?
    for example when it is 8:30 , it returns 8-30.
    if yes can I use the value that the function has returned (in the above example 8 & 30) in another proces as
    int numbers ?
    thanks .

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    take a look at the standard c header time.h it should have all you need. It is impossible to directly get a time number as an int, it cant hold the numbers. You have to convert it into an int.

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    >for example when it is 8:30 , it returns 8-30
    Is this just an example, or is it what you need? The <ctime> functions return a value that fits within the type time_t, and carries considerably more information than just the hour and minute. You can use other <ctime> functions and types to get what you want out of it though.
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    See the FAQ and

    [EDIT] - And, get a book! The basics of <ctime> should be covered any beginning C++ book.

    BTW - In order to completely understand the <ctime> functions, you have to understand pointers and structures which should also be covered in any beginning C++ book.
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