Thread: Printing a picture?

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    Printing a picture?

    How would I send a graphic file to the printer?
    Thanks for your help,

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    Which OS/Compiler?
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    And, what graphics format? If you have a choice, and not too many different files... A bitmap is the most simple and most universal format.

    There are no standard C++ graphics functions. This is one of the things that makes standard C++ so "portable". A program written in pure-standard C++ doesn't need any graphics to work on any system.

    Every compiler/graphics library is different... Some compilers don't have any graphics.

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    I am using MSVC++, on Win 2k. I really don't care about the file format.

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    does that mean you can use any file format we feel like telling you to use?
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    You probably need to head on over to the Windows programming board and ask this there. Essentially when you print you are just drawing to a different device context.

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