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    Question Project database

    I was wondering, because i've thought about this for awhile, how to store a string, with a set of 5 strings. Ok that sounds a bit confusing here is a graphic.
    Im going to use a structure for it, but here is what I wanted.
    -------------character- (names)
    Im sure theres going to be an array somewhere here.

    PS: Give me a break im new to this.

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    One solution is an STL container.


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    So your character will be one string, and it will contain 5 strings?

    There's plenty of ways...
    class Character
    char* attacks[5];
    Character chars[5];
    Probably not the best way...Like kuphryn said, using stl containers would also work...It really depends on what you are doing...
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    Thanks for the help.

    Ill try the STL, then i'll try your idea. Thanks for the help.

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