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    Smile Sending a email using c++

    I've developed a little program which I wanted to add a little feature to.

    I want allow users to report to me a FQ / bug or user comments directly form the program.

    I want these reports to be sent to me via email.

    I have access to an SMTP mail server but I don't know how to send an email using c++.

    Ideally I want to be able to do this without using additional dll's or some external services.

    I was wondering whether you have a working sample or a test program where I can just change the from-, to- and SMTP server field.

    I only need to send a subject and body part. I don't need to send an attachment.

    Can you help me?

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    Well, if you know how to Telnet into a SMTP server and send an email, and you know how to program with sockets, then you're half way there.


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    All that to send an email? Sad...

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    Doesn't matter if you have access to an SMTP server or not, the question is - do the people using your software have access to your SMTP server? Most of the time this will be "No", as otherwise it'll be used as a spam relay, so providers close them off to all by trusted people (eg. there customers).

    Why use use the Windows documented interface, and let that take care of it? Your email will then be sent through whatever SMTP the user has setup for there normal mail. (Assuming your coding under windows of course).

    CompiledMonkey: The spec may seem large and complex, but only 3 simple commands are required to actually send an email, and the text interface makes it really useful when you need to send a quick email without having access to an email client (or don't have time to (re)configure one)

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