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    Angry Accumulator Troubles: NEWBIE


    Desperately need help figuring out how to accumulate total number of grades(A, B, C Etc..) in a student test program.
    I'm using an array called int avg[20] Any ideas on how to get this thing going would be great! Here's were I am... I'm not sure if I'm on the right track.
    void totalGrades(string stuName[], int t1[], int t2[], int t3[], int avg[], short size)
    	int x        = 0;    
    	int minScore = avg[0];    
    	int maxScore = avg[20];	 
    	int count    = 0;	  
    	int nsub = 0;
    	char grade = ' ';
    		x = 0;
    		while (x < 20)
    			if (avg[x] >= 90)
    				avg[x] = 'A';
    				count = count + 1;
    			if (avg[x] = >= 80)
    				avg[x] = 'B';
    				x = x + 1;
    		} //end while
    		cout << "Total Grades: "<< count << endl;
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    In the line:
    if (avg[x] = >= 80)
    the first = will give you trouble, change that line to
    if (avg[x] >= 80)
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    you would need a { and } for your "if"īs so it would be

    if (avg[x] >= 90)
       avg[x] = 'A';
       count = count + 1;
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    You could also convert all grades to 1-5, it would make stuff easier. That's the Austrian way btw.
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    You may want your program to exit when after the suitable case is met instead of going through all of them each time in the loop, so try using switch/case statement or nested if/elses' (recommend the former). Also do what the previous two guys advise, especially oluf, if you want to execute multiple statements after a case is met.
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