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    Dos help.

    #include <iostream.h>			
    int main()				//Most important part of the program!
      int age;				//Need a variable...
      cout<<"Please input your age: ";	//Asks for age
      cin>>age;				//The input is put in age
      if(age<100)				//If the age is less than 100
         cout<<"You are pretty young!";     //Just to show it works
      else if(age==100)		//I use else just to show an example 
         cout<<"You are old";		//Just to show you it works...
        cout<<"You are really old";	//Executed if no other statement is executed
      return 0;
    For some reason, my dos prompt closes after its done with the results, i dont have XP so i cant just right click on the program and go to "program" tab.

    Also someone said to place cint>>whatever ?? Since im new at this, i dunno what he's talking about, i just want the dos screen to stay so i can see results in the .exe

    Also,going to properties in the dos screen doesnt help, i unchecked the thing that said "close when exit" or something, it still closes after it runs. Any help?

    (this is in the tutorials at btw, the second tutorial.)

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    It's supposed to do that, put 'cin>>age;' at the end. Theirs a getches or something where you make a loop 'while(getch!=1);' or something that will wait for user input but I don't know the exact source. Maby someone else does(hint ..hint)

    Edit: I found it: from cpp-home
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