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    C sample help.

    It's a sample program that asks for a username and password. After three guesses the program shuts down if all attempts are incorrect. The username is not supposed to be case sensitive; however, I can't seem to take case sensitivity off the username.

    It's just an assessment that tests my ability to make a user-defined function. It's not a major program. Can anyone help me take case sesitivity off the username?

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    Change the given username and the acceptable username to uppercase or lowercase, then compare them.

    Look at this page...
    the function on the above page, strcmpi(), is probably in the string.h file.

    The first answer is what i would do if this function didn't exist.
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    void noCase(char *s, int slen){
    	int i;
    	int c;
    		c = (int) *s;
    		if (c>96 && c<123){c = c - 32; *s = (char)c;};
    Here is an example with the code above

    char username[]="MyNaMe";

    Now username="MYNAME". The code makes everything be capitalized. For everything you do is for each character treat it as its capitalized. e.g. if you want to compare 2 strings. After the string when through my code it will all be capitalized. Then compare them.

    Hope that helps!

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    > for(i=0;i<slen+1;i++)
    Why include the \0 at the end of the string?

    > (c>96 && c<123)
    Use islower(c)

    > c = c - 32
    Use toupper(c)
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    Just convert everything to lowercase using the tolower() function found in <cctype>.

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