Thread: Anybody get anything published ?

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    Anybody get anything published ?

    I know some of you are veterans of C++ and I'm sure have made programs/games.

    Any of you get a program or game published ?

    and, even if you haven't, have you made something that you are still very proud of ?

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    I have a crappy, in comparison to other peoples work, game that I am proud of because it was my first exploration into doing graphic bit blitting....

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    I've not got anything published as such, but since my daytime job involves lot of Embedded C++ coding, I do get satisfaction seeing the final product working and other people using it.

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    Are you not allowed to show us the final product (does it have a page) because it has to do with where you work? Or is it just something that other employees use?
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    I made a popup stopper that I'm proud of making it. But I never got it published or sold it. I just gave it to some of my friends and they liked it. But it does not work under windowsXP because I have to edit the api declarations for it to work properly. It blocks any internet browser windows. It can block anything as long as it thinks that it is a browser window. Including programs made in VB because there classnames for every window is the same lol.

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    Sure, I wrote the entire software for the products on this page and coded software for parts of other products not shown here.

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